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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should my puppy have its first professional grooming?
A: Grooming on your pup should start at 10 weeks of age (after second vaccination), to let the pup become acquainted with the sounds of the studio environment, noises such as dryers, blasters, and other dogs, etc. Your groomer will teach your pup and you the proper way to brush and handle your puppy. These techniques started early will imprint on your pup.
Q: How often should I have my dog groomed?
A: Dogs should be groomed every 6 to 8 weeks. Full coats or long cuts should be done every 4 weeks.
Q: Can my dog’s cut be short but not shaved?
A: Shaving and clipping are the same. Blades come in all different lengths, from short to long. The longest blade made now is a 3/4 which leaves the coat over an inch long. The better maintained the coat is, with no matting or knots, the longer clip style a groomer can do. Longer clipped styles require more frequent grooming every 4 weeks to maintain the style.
Q: What are some dos and don't?
A: Before going to groomers, do NOT feed your dog. Take your dog for a walk prior to leaving home for him or her to relieve itself. It is very normal for your dog to shake when coming into a dog salon, they are smart and know what is coming, and love to put on a “show” for their owners, but once inside they know the drill, and are quite content with us once the owner leaves. You are best to just “hand off” your dog to the groomer and NOT make a big deal about leaving your dog. Your dog will pick up on your anxiety and it will be harder on him or her. Don’t worry about your pooch; it will be fine!
Please do NOT show up while your dog is being groomed. Showing up while your dog is being finished on the table stresses out your dog and gets him or her all excited wanting to go home with you.

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Q: Is it too cold to have my dog groomed?
A: Many pet owners neglect to have their pets groomed in the winter. Why? Mostly what I hear is,“It’s too cold.” It may be cold, but our pets still need professional grooming. Of course they can be left longer, even not trimmed at all during the cold months. But they always need a complete brushout and bathing that a professional can provide. Nail trimming and ear cleaning is a must all year round, too. If you would like to keep your pet’s style, don’t skip those winter visits to the professionals. Keep your pet in style and feeling great all through the year!
Q: Can I stay with my dog?
A: It’s actually better if you leave the salon, as dogs are like children and will play up more trying to get to their owners. If your dog is new to the grooming process or is old or nervous, we will not hesitate to call you if we think your dog needs to return home.

Q: How often should my dog have its nails cut?
A: This really depends on your dog. If your dog is walked more on grass and fields than on roads, he or she will need them cut more often as there is no surface to wear the nails down.